Drop Group of Nepal (DGN) is a non-profitable social organization which is providing a special support, health treatment and health awareness program especially in dental and oral health sector of different individual and community in the different reachable part of Nepal. We are dedicated to help the various needy people inside Nepal in getting solutions for the dental problems which can be solved by our capacity and the materials which we have with us. With the help of the mobile dental unit supported by ‘Von Philipp Foundation (VPF), Germany, we could help more than thousands of people with dental problems in the last few years and we are still continuing our journey helping the poor and needy people in giving the free treatment and help for the better healthy lives.

We at Drop Group Nepal, would like to invite you to become a member of the family network. Being part of this network allows you to support a great and growing Cause, not only will you be helping with the wonderful children in our program, but you will also be helping community in our program, also helping with our playing things and stationery materials distribution as well as toothbrush and toothpaste distribution program. The joy that one receives when helping with these causes is indescribable and is also critically important to our survival as an organization with all funding coming from private sponsors like you.


We strongly believe that we need to look back at the roots of this dilemma in order to achieve our goals:

To promote oral health program for community people and high school children.

To promote health awareness program and studies in the different community.

To promote kid health program for primary school kid in different schools and places.

To prevent and control dental caries (tooth decay) across the life stages.

To promote prevention of disease transmission in dental health care settings.

To promote health awareness program on safe maternity child birth.

With this objectives and messages to all, DGN requests that everyone units together to work toward and to give help to get he better future for people better health and community health for making the beautiful healthy world.


To give a free treatment to those people with low incomes, particularly for those old people, children and society.

To prevent and control dental caries (tooth decay) across the life stages.

To promote prevention of disease transmission in dental health care settings.

To increase state oral health program capacity and effectiveness helping states improve their oral health program.

To make various dental camp with the help of our mobile dental unit and team in the various needy parts of Nepal.

To make health awareness education and program on oral & dental health for the healthy living in the community.

With these goals, we intend to build a notion or community where all the people enjoy good oral health that contributes to leading healthy, satisfying lives. We try to build or give our optimum best help in a nation where all people enjoy the awareness program on good oral health and try to prevent and control oral communicable diseases and conditions by building the knowledge, tools, and networks that promote healthy behaviors and effective school health (oral health program) and public health practices and programs.

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