• To promote oral health program for community people and high school children.
  • To promote health awareness program and studies in the different community.
  • To promote kid health program for primary school kid in different schools and places.
  • To prevent and control dental caries (tooth decay) across the life stages.
  • To promote prevention of disease transmission in dental health care settings.
  • To promote health awareness program on safe maternity child birth.
  • Organize a programme of sports goods and other useful programmes for physical and intelectual devlopment.
  • Run or organize skill devlopment trainings and programme oriented to helpless, widows, poor, needy and supressed women for their easy subsitence.

With this objectives and messages to all, DGN requests that everyone units together to work toward and to give help to get he better future for people better health and community health for making the beautiful healthy world

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