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Future Plan Project

Nepali people are found to be engaged in farming. However, this sector mostly relies on traditional technologies and methods of cultivation, which results in a low output and low productivity. Besides agriculture, there is no other strong sector yet which emerged in Nepalese economy that could generate sizeable national income and give additional jobs. The high illiteracy rate and scarcity of modern technology, fund and skilled labours are among the major problem faced by the country. Poor people do not have the means, methods and technology required to convert locally available resources into income generating activities. This has forced Nepali youths to find better jobs abroad or to be unemployed. here we are;

This project area is near the bank of the Middim Khola River at Nalma V.D.C. – 7 Lamjung district of Nepal.
Now we are starting at nine Ropani of land with pig, fish goat and modern agriculture farm
To run seasonal and non-seasonal for income with modern structure to farmers.

  • To run source able programs as animal husbandry, fishery etc. (chicken, goat, pig and fishery).
  • To organize programs as environment cleanliness and reforestation.
  • DGN will co-operate with local administration for any work.
  • To give training to disable, widow and poor women for their sustain living.
  • To go for rescue and help people natural disaster area.
  • To start campaign for habit of saving.
  • All fund of benefit will goes directly to mission of social welfare.

Join us to implement this plan project

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