Disaster Risk Reduction

Disaster Risk Reduction

Nepal is prone and exposed to various types of natural disasters due to her rugged and fragile geophysical structure, very high peaks, and high angle of slopes, complex geology, variable climatic conditions and active tectonic processes. Hence every year the country has to bear the brunt of most common natural disaster claiming many human lives and huge economic loss.
Unplanned settlement, increasing population, weak economic condition and low literacy rate, the lack of coordination among agencies related to disaster management, resource constraint, the lack of technical manpower, the lack of public awareness, very remote, rural and difficult geo-physical situation of the country, absence of modern technology are major obstacles to cope with these natural disasters in Nepal.



Among the natural hazards that occur regularly in Nepal, floods and landslides are by far the most serious ones. They claim many human lives every year and cause other damages such as destruction and blockages of highways, losses of livestock, crops, and agricultural land.


Geologically, Nepal is considered to lie on a seismic zone which experiences frequent earthquakes. As a result, earthquakes of various magnitudes occur almost every year and have caused heavy losses of lives and infrastructures on several occasions.

Windstorms, hailstorms, thunderbolts:

Windstorms, hailstorms and thunderbolts also occur frequently and affect many areas of the country on a regular basis. These events, particularly the hailstorms, cause considerable damages to the crops in the fields.

Forest Fire:

Every year forest fires occur in many places of the country and cause heavy loss of property as well as loss of many species of wildlife and vegetation.

Glacial lake outburst flood events:

Apart from landslides and river erosion, the high mountains or Himalayas of Nepal, covering about 15 percent of the country, are quite susceptible to land degradation caused by glacial lake outburst floods (GLOF).

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